Monyetla Company Profile Monyetla Services is an employment service provider that specializes in the recruitment, screening and placement of people. We offer services for both temporary and permanent employees. Being a subsidiary of the VESCO Group, Monyetla Services is very focused on job creation and the development of skills, its main aim being to reduce unemployment in the country. We are PAIA registered and a Progressive Business Forum Platinum Member. The Directors of Monyetla Services have ensured that their team of Operations and Recruiting Specialists are able to recruit, place and manage candidates as per client requirements. Our database contains thousands of potential candidates consisting of Artisans, Administrative staff and semi-skilled workers. We specialize in the placement of workers in all fields of operation, as well as project orientated artisans. Our clients are assured of access to an efficient multi-talented workforce that is merely a phone-call away. Monyetla Services is a BBBEE compliant company which is 60% owned by VESCO (Vanderbijlpark Estate Company), a Section 21 Company (Non-Profit Organization) and has been in operation in Vanderbijlpark since 1993. Monyetla Service’s head office is situated in Vanderbijlpark, from where our operations are driven and managed. Part of our group’s strategic intent is “Out of the Community – for the Community”. Monyetla Services have a proven and established track record and have an excellent relationship with its biggest client, ArcelorMittal South Africa. Strategic Intent To be the preferred supplier of labour, recruitment and other labour services to businesses nationwide. In addition to this we offer Human Resources, payroll and recruitment services. We strive to be a service provider of excellence in order to create opportunities out of – and for the community. Why Monyetla? • Increased access to labour. • Provide assessment of labour. • Makes industrial recruitment easier. • Overcoming challenges – Competency of Artisans; Semi-Skilled and other workers. • All benefits of a compliant labour broker By utilizing us, your payroll, IRP5 employee reconciliations and other statutory obligations are taken care of. We take pride in our recruitment processes and endeavor to reduce costs for the client wherever we can. Vision To be the preferred supplier of labour, recruitment services and other related services to major businesses. Mission Monyetla Services provide an efficient and effective service to clients to enhance the achievement of its vision. This is demonstrated by: 1. Sustaining of an effective labour hire service 2. Rendering of effective selected services 3. Compliance to SHERQ standards and the maintaining of an effective Quality Management System 4. Establishing & maintaining mutually beneficial long term business relationships About us • Active member of SEIFSA. We attend meetings on a regular basis in order to stay abreast with the latest changes. • We have an excellent relationship with various trade unions. • We have a good working relationship with the MEIBC, CDR and CCMA. • We are confident that our management team have the skills and experience to manage any contract with great success. Benefits As a legal and responsible labour broker, Monyetla has access to labour in different parts of the country. Hiring of workers is a very popular practice as most industries do not have the time and resources to staff their vacancies or address their labour needs. Monyetla Services has an excellent data base with information on a variety of candidates, making it easier to immediately provide industries with employees matching the exact qualification and skills required. Screening is done and qualifications verified before sending the candidate for an interview. As most businesses are geographically bound, their job opportunities do not always reach the whole potential workforce. Our site agents are encouraged to network countrywide, to ensure quality candidates are offered.

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